FUTUROTEXTIEL 08 : surprising textiles, design & art

In the wake of Lille 2004 – European Capital of Culture – 2006 saw the first edition of Eurotextiles, organised by lille3000 in the Tri Postal building. Following this succesful exhibition in Lille, and fired by the enthusiasm of both Stefaan De Clerck, mayor of Kortrijk, and Martine Aubry, mayoress of Lille, the old NMBS railway hangar in Kortrijk (Magdalenastraat) is now the venue for FUTUROTEXTIEL 08 – organised by Designregio Kortrijk and lille3000 from 9 October though 7 December 2008.

Both national and international visitors will once again be introduced to an updated selection of extreme and innovative solutions in the textile sector. Companies from the Kortrijk-Lille region, as well as from all over Europe, will exhibit a wide range of products illustrating the innovative, creative and surprising approach typical of the modern textile industry.

To this end, the exhibition is divided into three major sections: an educational section, a creative section, and a section featuring new technology solutions. In addition a lounge will be set up to serve as meeting place, but it will equally be a unique venue for conferences, soirées and parties.

The educational space introduces the public to the basic principes of textile technology. The various primary textile processes are simply and vividly described and demonstrated to the visitors, showing, for instance, how fabrics are made from basalt and beetroot.

The second section of the exhibition focuses on high-tech textile solutions in the building industry, health sector, biotechnology, sports, architecture, design, transportation and even in space travel. Special attention will also be paid to flax.

Textiles and the innovative technology applications thereof are ideal raw materials for artists. This will be the main theme of the third section of Futurotextiel.

Futurotextiel 08 will, in addition, join forces with the international Biennale Interieur 08 (17-26 October 2008 – Kortrijk Xpo). Furthermore, we are grateful for the support of our partners: Fedustria, TEXstream.be, Flanders inShape, Municipal Museums Kortrijk and Design Vlaanderen.

Curator: Caroline David
Artistic coordinator: Isabelle De Jaegere
Project coordinator: Marie De Clerck
Scenography: Studio Arne Quince